Reimagine 2020 Festival


Event info
Date: October 4, 2020
Time: 6:15 pm
Address: Eagle ST. Asheville

The YMI Cultural Center and LEAF Global Arts invite you to join both organizations for REIMAGINE 2020 on October 3-4, 2020. A collaborative community event that will shine a light of the diverse art community that exists on The Block and provide community resources and family-friendly entertainment both digitally and through small in-person events. This weekend-long event is not a festival. This is a chance to come together (at a social-distance and virtually) to have tough conversations, to grow as a community, to sing and laugh and our finish the year strong. 2020 may have been tough, but it’s not over. We still have time to reimagine how we move forward.

You can expect both digital and live performances at YMI and LEAF Global Arts. There will also be a History of Black Asheville Storytelling Conversation, featuring interviews, panel discussions, and speakers; a candlelight vigil in memory of those we lost in 2020. There’s comedy with local and regional comics, family-friendly entertainment, community resources, and pathways to explore healing arts, shop with local artists, and delicious food from your favorite restaurants.

In LEAF’s 25th year, we join the world in missing creating live music and art experiences that bring us together to connect us to each other in ways that are so rare yet powerful in building understanding and connection. Being in an experience of historic global events of COVID, a movement for Equality and Black Lives Matter and little resources brings us into a new reality; therefore, a new approach to events is needed. We believe COLLABORATION is key! Being new to The Block, it is a gift to work together and have complementary missions and resources with the YMI which celebrates 127 years! LEAF is grateful to be able to create something with our neighbors, and we want to make sure we are not just “taking up space”, but rather being a resource and an ally,” says Jennifer Pickering, Executive Director, LEAF Global Arts.


The Slay the Mic Showcase will take place October 4 at 5:15 – 6:15 PM at the ULeaf Stage.

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