Kwota B., A Spoken Word Poet and Musician

Written by on October 27, 2021

Kwota B., A Spoken Word Poet and Musician

By: Trinity Barnwell-Thomas, SlayTheMic Intern


Art comes in many different forms. It normally occurs when you overflow with emotions and your only choice is to spill it out into the world. Everyone has a different way that they speak and a different way that they express themselves. Recently, I found a person so profoundly good at expressing these complicated compound emotions. Someone whose artistry pours out from their soul and connects through streams of spoken word to yet another soul. This is an artist that has really captured my attention and has given me a route to words I’ve never been able to express. 


Kwota B. is a Black poet and musician from Dallas, Texas. I’ve known about his work for almost 4 months now. He has had a small and intimate fanbase that cherishes it, and I am one of them. I initially found Kwota through a reposted TikTok of one of his spoken word videos. I loved the visuals I would receive while hearing such relatable and familiar phrases that I’ve always thought but never have been able to put together so eloquently. It happened a few more times, coming across his TikTok videos before I actually decided that I wanted to know who this person was. I found him with 1,800 followers on Instagram, he currently has 1,913.


Something that amazes me so much about Kwota, is his ability to lay everything out on the table. He is the author of his first poetry book When Doves Fly: a poetry book concerning intricacies of love which I’ve had the pleasure of adopting recently. What I’ve read from this book is raw and completely honest. I feel like I’m being able to see into the mind of Kwota as he fights through his emotions. So much of what is shared in that book, I could connect with on a deeper, more eternal level. I would like to share with you one of these poems from this book. This poem is called “Granted”


To take me for granted is to assume I’ll forever be the same me

To assume that my mind doesn’t wander when I don’t feel appreciated

To assume that I don’t have the strength to leave

To assume that I don’t know my worth

Taking me for granted is your first mistake

Your second mistake is confining me to patterns

Like predicting what I’ll say in conversations or what my facial expressions mean

To confine me in a space

To try to clip my wings

Your third mistake is being impatient

You didn’t allow yourself to heal

You didn’t grow past your insecurities

You never take the time to fully understand love as it should be

& place all of your chips into one

Any inconvenience

Any trauma trigger

Any sense of doubt

Would make you leave

… But I allow you to come back every time

& it makes me look weak

You wake up with the security of knowing I’m still here

But what if I just decided not to be?


I find this poem beautiful because of its genuity. I know in my heart that I’m not the only one capable of relating to this. That’s something I find so valuable in Kwota B. That he is putting out into the world. Even as I write this article now, I’m taken into a whole other space listening to his new song “Deja Vu”. In the song, he talks about being saved from himself, and you see that repetition in his book. He’s very honest about his experiences with depression and battling these dominating emotions of sadness. 


“Now I’m more cautious with love these days, And like the morning fog, it always fades. She still wonders if I’m still the same, if I changed, it’s cause you caused me pain.”


I was fortunate enough to get to speak with him and his honesty and authenticity conveyed through everything he had shared with me. I asked Kwota what it was like going through the motions of his feelings and translating that into music? His response was:


“Honestly, it’s taxing on my mental health to write. Every time I do, I pull suppressed emotions back to the surface in order to address them. I started writing when I was younger as an escape, so a lot of my work is about pain. My art is predominantly saddening. I find it healthier to do it in that manner, instead of finding destructive coping mechanisms.”


I also asked him why he decided to be an artist and what he thought made a true musician. He shared with me these responses


“I honestly feel like the path chose me. I, of course, seek inspiration that pushes me to create, but I believe it’s my purpose to be what I am. Everything I have experienced up until this point was destined and I know there’s more to do. With me being self-aware, I do not value the spoils being an artist brings and I try to focus more on my impact in people’s hearts and minds. I feel like it’s my assignment to be the voice of others who feel alone and bring them some sort of peace through my work.”


When it comes to artists, to Kwota it’s about 


“Their authenticity. It seems like everyone is trying to be like the next person and losing their identity in the process. I admire artists who create their own world and pull people into it, which is what I try to do with my work. An artist also has longevity and the ability to evolve in order to surpass their limits.”


Kwota, I would just like to say, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate all that you are and everything that you are doing. If you’d like to purchase Kwota B.’s book When Doves Fly: a poetry book concerning the intricacies of love, you can find it on You can also follow Kwota on Instagram at @kwotab_ and on Twitter at @KwotaB. You can also subscribe to his channel on youtube and if you’re interested in hearing his music it’s up on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, etc. 


Kwota, thank you again.


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