Alexis “Leckie” Wardlaw / Radio Host

Quote: “Perhaps the best thing we’ll ever do is wake up and try again no matter the hardship and no matter the pain. “ 

I am a Native of the Asheville area for the past 29 years and I have been working as a Social worker. I am truly excited to see the flourishing music community being created here in Asheville.  A proud co-host of the Slay the Mic Radio Show ( a.k.a Leckie ) for the past 4 years; showcasing the local Hip Hop, R&B artists and Urban business owners within the community in their own words. Over the past 4 years, I have enjoyed meeting ambitious Visionaries’, Entrepreneurs and Musicians here in this area. My hope is to continue to highlight the local talent here in the Asheville Hip Hop and R &B community.


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