Freedom the 10th Wonder

Freedom The 10th Wonder is a 23 years young artist, born and raised in Asheville North Carolina. Music is truly his escape from reality; it has taken him places he thought he would never be and gave him a lot of status in his city. His music is unique and come from real heartfelt events in his life. 

Speaking from his reality, he gives hope to the people that feel the same way he does, but dont know how to express it correctly. “I sell hope for a living” is the motto he lives by and a motto he will never forget when writing his music. He created “Forever My Brothers”, or in short “FMB”, due to the lack of unity in his community. 

This is his attempt to build support and a solid foundation for dreamers like himself. Rap music is very popular and can truly uplift people if used correctly. He wants to be the reason why many feel like hope is real, dreams are realistic, and that giving up is never an option. If this essential message is spread across to the youth, we can begin to rebuild a more positive thinking for the future.

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